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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home Again?

If you've noticed the notice at, I am going to step back into the mix.

While backing up my old computer's hard drive this past weekend, I realized what an awful lot of digital "stuff" I have. And in my idle moments away from the web, I've discovered that there is an awful lot of physical "stuff" cluttering up my house and taking up space and mind.

Mind, I say, because it's difficult to focus on creating when I can't move due to the clutter overload!

The digital stuff is useless unless others can enjoy it. What I consider clutter could be useful to some.

So stay tuned...and really, you didn't think I would stay offline forever, right?

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've been mostly offline lately, yet I still can't seem to find time for creative pursuits. Many reasons for this. I had thought that if I went offline for a spell, that I would be able to shift my focus away from the digital, but alas! Not so, not so.

Off to make a green bean casserole--an Easter tradition. Just thought I'd pop, it's been a while and for the few folk who are following this rather pathetic blog, I hope to be a bit more entertaining now that tax season (for me at least) is done and done.